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Unbelievable -- I actually found a cycling club that's made a habit of riding through the very cemetery through which I descended (partially), ate dirt and earned a trip to the emergency room . . . granted, the cycling club climbs UP through the cemetery and doesn't speed DOWN it like yours truly:
My crash is memorialized in an audio clip located somewhere in the "music" directory.  I came to rest like 10 feet from a tombstone.  Someday, I'm going to figure out exactly which/whose tomstone this was.
This is where I started, at Stewart Ave. where it drops steeply along De Witt Pl. and into a hard right turn, where I skidded twice and finally ran off the road.  OUch!
This is the part where De Witt Pl. drops quickly:
Here's a map of the whole thing (I started from the Finish point and crashed right after the very first right-hander):
Luckily, my apartment was a few hundred feet north of the "Finish" point on Stewart Ave., so when someone saw me groping along the ground from the backyard of their place on Stewart ave., they stopped by my apartment and picked up my ID before transporting me to the hospital.  I might as well have left my wallet, b/c I forgot to give them my insurance info.  Maybe I forgot b/c I had trouble breathing -- just a thought.
So no more speeding through cemeteries for me!
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